Do Something Good Today: Join The ‘Pay It Forward’ Movement

Inspired by the book and film of the same name, ‘Pay It Forward’, or the ‘worldwide movement in performing random acts of kindness’ [Source] has captured the hearts of the nation and beyond and it’s becoming ever more popular.

Whilst the official ‘Pay It Forward’ day of the year is in April, there’s something about the Christmas season that urges us to spread kindness… (They don’t call it the season of goodwill for nothing, right?).

So, what better time to start?

Here are our favourite stories of kindness that we’ve seen which hopefully will inspire you, like it has us, to join the movement. Remember: spread love, not hate! (And Nutella, obvs).


1. The Secret Ticket Santa.


Last Christmas, we didn’t give you our hearts, but we received a post on our North East Facebook page from a couple who wanted to thank their ‘Good Samaritan’.

They were out walking their dog in a busy local park and had forgotten to buy a ticket. A warden was about to fine them until a stranger stepped in and bought a ticket for them.

When they returned, they found a note on their car which read: “Merry Xmas, the man was going to put a fine on so we paid for a ticket for you.”

The couple expressed their gratitude in their Facebook post, writing, “I would just like to share this pure act of kindness in hopes of finding who did this to say a huge thank you.”

What you can do:

Sometimes, it’s the small things that we can do which can make someone’s day.

Tickets are an easy way to help someone out. Of course, you could always buy someone else a ticket. But it might not even have to cost you anything. For instance, do you often have extra time on your parking ticket? An all-day ticket on the bus or metro? If you’re no longer using it, why not pass this on to someone else?


2. The Wedding Ring White Knight.


[Source: Ebaums world]

This story caught our attention because it’s so similar to our own founder, Clare Owen, and her experience!

A Good Samaritan, after finding a gold wedding ring, actually handed it in rather than pocketing it in greed. Sadly, from our own experience in the lost and found world, we know many would not have done the same thing.

What you can do:

If you find something, hand it in!

Is it really worth pocketing something that isn’t yours, just for some cash? Surely it would be guilt-ridden anyway?

Just think, would you like it done to you if you lost something precious? Probably not.

Lostbox founder Clare knows exactly how much it means to return something precious to someone as she also found a lost wedding ring, back in 2012. She went above and beyond to reunite it and eventually ended up finder its owner who lived all the way over in France! She says there was no feeling like it; an overwhelming sense of happiness.


3. The Coffee Contributor.


[Source: Ebaums world]

We’ve seen a growing number of these lovely stories where strangers have bought coffee for someone else. It’s simple but effective.

In certain establishments, there are systems like this where you can buy something for someone else in advance, such as food or drink. You are usually given a post-it note to stick onto a display that someone in need can redeem if they’re hungry/thirsty. We love this idea!


What you can do:

If you can afford to, why not buy a stranger a cup of coffee? Buy a homeless person some food?

Of course, not everyone can afford to do so, because let’s face it, everything is seriously expensive these days. (Costa? More like Costa fortune…).

Some free goodwill gestures include sitting with someone who is alone and looks lonely (especially the elderly). Ask them first though, obviously! You could also volunteer at your local soup kitchen and feed the homeless for free.


4. Cup for Ben.


This story has dominated the headlines recently and has stolen the nation’s hearts.

A father posted a desperate tweet calling for anyone who may have a rare, no longer manufactured, blue cup from Tommee Tippee. The cup was for his severely autistic son, Ben, who only drinks from this specific model and would rather become dangerously dehydrated than use a different cup.

It quickly went viral, gaining nearly 20,000 retweets and caused people to frantically search their cupboards and ask everyone they knew about the cups. We joined in and shared the appeal far and wide. As expected, many could not be of any help but remarkably, some cups were located, albeit only a small amount of them. As the story grew more popular, appearing in newspapers, on the radio and even on TV, Ben’s dad, Marc, found more and more of the cups that he needed. But he never could have prepared for what happened next…

The cup’s manufacturer, Tommee Tippee, heard about his appeal and knew they had to do everything they could to help. They originally said that they no longer owned the outdated mould for the cup, but after a long search in China, it turns out they DID still have it.

The company then promised Ben’s father that they would produce as many of the cups as he wanted essentially a lifetime’s supply for Ben which left his family completely overjoyed.

Ben’s dad expressed his delight, stating “I can’t believe it. They have been truly incredible, such a genuinely lovely and caring team.” [Source: ITV]


Never underestimate the power of the internet, people!

What you can do:

If you encounter an appeal online, don’t just scroll past it. Share it and tag your friends as you never know how important that reach could be. Plus, it’s free and could be crucial to the cause!

And, say you want to promote a good cause or want to reunite some lost property yourself, why not post your own appeal? We all come across lost property at some point. Even things you think are insignificant, they could be significant to someone. Make it your mission to get it back to its owner and you won’t regret it, trust us!

We hope this brightened up your day and possibly inspired you to get involved with the movement. We certainly will be!

Join the Lostbox family by giving our Facebook and Twitter pages a like and a follow to see our current appeals that we need YOUR help on. Share them, tag people you know as  it could be down to you that we reunite!

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