Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do the tags work?

Our tags contain three methods of unique identification that are all registered to the tag owner. These include: a unique 10-digit numerical code, a QR code and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Only one of these identifiers needs to be administered in order to reunite you with your item or pet. Once your tag is found and scanned via one of these methods, you will receive an email from us, as well as a push notification from our app informing you of its GPS location. You can then use our confidential personal messaging system so that you can easily communicate with the finder.


What is NFC technology?

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NFC, or ‘Near Field Communication’, is a form of contactless communication between two devices. These devices can include bank cards or smartphones and is the technology behind popular forms of contactless payment.


How does NFC work in the tags?

Our tags contain an NFC chip that transmits data once scanned with a smartphone. This includes the GPS location of your device.


What is a QR code?


QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ code and is two-dimensional barcode each one uniquely shaped to correspond with unique bits of alphanumeric data. This data can include: website URLs, email addresses and phone numbers and is readable by smartphones or tablets.


How do I scan the QR code?

Depending on your smartphone, you will either have the option to scan directly or to download an additional free-app that scans QR codes. Once scanned, this will bring up the tag owner’s contact details.


How do I register/activate my tag?

In order to use our tags, you need to have a Lostbox account. If you haven’t already made a free account with us, you can do so here. Once you’ve registered and logged in, simply click here and fill out the required fields in order to activate your tag.


Is the device a GPS tracker?

No. The device only transmits its GPS location when your tag is found and scanned. Keep an eye out for the future, however, as we have new high-tech products coming!


Is it just for pets? What else can the tag be used for?

Whilst we think our tags are great for pet owners, there are so many more possibilities and uses for them! You can attach our tags onto your keys, bags, kids’ teddies, wallets, suitcases and more! Check out our helpful blog post here where we explain how versatile our tags are and the different uses for them.


I’ve found a tag. How do I reunite it with its owner?

Great news! Simply click here and fill out the required fields to get it back to its owner.


When will I receive my order?

All of our tags are shipped via Royal Mail Second Class post. Once it is dispatched, you should receive your tag within 3-5 working days. However, this may take longer during busy periods, weekends and bank holidays.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. However, due to the increase in shipping costs, you may incur an additional charge on top of our standard shipping rate. If you’re an overseas customer, contact us here or message us on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

How long will my tag last? What is the warranty?

All of our tags are robust, durable and waterproof. This means that, as long as you take good care of them, they should last a lifetime.

What is the refund/returns policy?

We only accept returns if, in the unlikely event, that the product is faulty. You have the option to be sent a replacement or to be refunded. If you meet the criteria for a refund, you can contact us here or drop us a message on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


What material are the tags made from?

Our tags are made from hard PVC which is coated with epoxy resin and comes with a metal attachment. They are hard-wearing, toxic-free and safe for kids.


How is Lostbox Tags different to a microchip for my pet?

There are actually vast differences between our tags and microchips.

As the UK’s largest online lost and found service, we encounter numerous lost and found pets. We know from our years of experience in the industry that microchips are NOT always effective. We have an abundance of missing dog appeals that never have a happy ending because the microchips are out of date. The results in the details being out of date, so the owner can simply not be reached.

With Lostbox Tags, your details are always kept up-to-date. You can add, update or amend any details at any time for FREE.

Our tags are also a faster way of reuniting. If someone finds your microchipped pet, a veterinary practice or dog warden has to read this chip and it is highly likely that they could be closed if it’s outside their hours or a weekend/bank holiday for instance. Moreover, the finder could live miles away from a practice.

With our tags, ANYONE can reunite at ANY time. We provide a faster, more reliable and more effective service.

When you activate your tags, you can also add up to 10 emails to your Lostbox account. Your tag is then registered to your whole family which means more points of contact. Say, for instance, you’re unavailable or unreachable when your pet is found someone else can be. These details can also be amended at any time.

Whilst it’s important to microchip your pets, our tags undeniably offer an extra form of protection that could be the key to getting your missing pet home again.


Is the tag just for dogs?

No. Our tags are small-sized and compact and can be attached to a range of pet collars.


What is the size/dimensions of the tag?

Our tags are 35mmx35mmx3mm.


Does the device require batteries?

No. The device does not use batteries as it contains an NFC chip which tells you its GPS location.


Is there a subscription or monthly fee?

No. Lostbox Tags are a one-off payment for lifelong protection. There are no hidden fees.