Lostbox Tag Tips and Tricks

If you’re part of the Lostbox family, then you probably already know about our new smart tags. (We talk about them enough because we think they’re AMAZING.)

And if you don’t know…Well, we’ll let you in on the secret!

Our tags keep the things most important to you safe. They can be attached to a range of your precious possessions and pets to protect them against loss, as each tag is registered to you and works as a method of owner identification. If you do lose them, they can be reunited in three ways: unique code, QR code and NFC technology all of which result in instant and confidential notifications as well as your tag’s GPS position being sent directly to you. We’re very proud of them.

As lots of our followers are pet owners and lovers, they’re conceivably our biggest market, but you might be surprised to discover that our tags can be used for so much more.

Here’s the rundown of how versatile they are!

How Lostbox Tags works for…

Bags and Rucksacks


Protect your bags with Lostbox Tags!

Each tag comes with two attachment options: a metal key-ring or soft elastic cable. This gives you the option to attach them to a range of bags or rucksacks. The easiest method of attachment is via the zip but there are plenty of other options, too.


We think these are perfect for kids, who are, unfortunately, more likely to lose things. Now, their favourite Frozen backpack can be protected!

But our tags can also be used to protect any bag…

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…so, why not protect the whole family?

Wallets and Purses


Never lose your wallet or purse on a night out ever again!

Yes, we’ve all been there. Make it a night to remember for the right reasons: protect your wallet or purse with our tags and have one less thing to worry about.

Our tags can attach to any loops or eyelets on a wallet or purse. Or, alternatively, they can simply be placed inside one of the compartments and then you’re all set.

But why place a tag in a wallet you might say? You have a driver’s licence?”

Well, sometimes this method of identification is not enough.

Unfortunately, many bits of information, such as addresses and contact details, are out of date on driving licences. This can leave you unable to contact the owner AND if they don’t have a social media account, they’re practically unreachable.

With Lostbox Tags, however, anyone can reunite instantly and at any time by simply following its instructions. This will lead right back to you.

Suitcases and Luggage

Don’t end your trip in disaster.

Protect your inflatable crocodiles, coconut bras, snowglobes whatever souvenirs you bring back along with your important possessions, by attaching a Lostbox Tag to your suitcase or luggage.

Our tags can be scanned by anyone worldwide in order to reunite them which gives you the best chance of getting them returned.

So, say bon voyage the old problems of lost luggage!

Teddies and Toys


There is nothing worse than a child losing a beloved toy or teddy.

With no attachments or name tags, it is, sadly, very unlikely that they will get returned especially if you don’t remember where you lost it.

But the good news is, this problem can be avoided. Yes, you can protect your child’s teddies and toys with Lostbox Tags!

For teddies, fasten our elastic attachment around the teddy’s ribbon or neck. The same can be done with similar soft toys. There is also the additional metal keyring attachment that will be more suitable for other toys.

Psst: We have smart-stickers launching soon that can be attached to a whole other range of toys, so keep your eyes peeled!

Pets (and not just dogs)


It’s no secret that Lostbox Tags can be used to protect dogs, but don’t worry cat owners, we’ve got your back as they’re also purrrfect for your feline companions.

Yes, Lostbox Tags are #NotJustForDogs as they can protect other animals too!

Our tags are lightweight and compact. The dimensions are as follows: length 35mm, width 35mm and thickness: 3.5mm.

Simply attach, via the keyring or plastic attachment, to your pet’s collar.

“But I’ve already microchipped my pet, why do I need a Lostbox Tag?”

Whilst microchipping your pet is extremely important, it may surprise you that they are NOT always effective.

It’s estimated up to a staggering one in eight lost microchipped pets could not be returned because their microchip details had not been updated by their owners. [Source: BBC News]

With Lostbox Tags, your details are always kept up-to-date. You can add, update or amend any details at any time FOR FREE.

Our tags are also a faster way of reuniting. If someone finds your microchipped pet, a veterinary practice or dog warden has to read the chip and it is highly likely that they could be closed if it’s out of hours or a weekend/bank holiday. Furthermore, the finder of your pet could live miles away from a practice.

With our tags, ANYONE can reunite at ANY time. We provide a faster, more reliable and more effective service.

When you activate your tags, you are also given the option to add up to 10 emails to your Lostbox account. Your tag is then registered to your whole family which means more points of contact. Say, for instance, you’re unavailable or unreachable when your pet is found someone else can be. These details can also be amended at any time, free of charge.

Whilst it’s important to microchip your pets, our tags undeniably offer an extra form of protection that could be the key to getting your missing pet home again.

Here’s how our tags weigh up against microchipping:



Above: Our lovely dog model, Leo.

If your pet is rocking a Lostbox Tag, we’d LOVE to see them! On Twitter, simply post your image with the hashtag: #PetsLoveLostboxTags. We’ll be retweeting as many as we can and giving out special mentions!

You can also share your photos on our Facebook page, too.


Cameras are one of the most expensive items we see on MyLostbox.com that go missing. Can you really afford NOT to protect them with Lostbox Tags?

Many cameras have a special gap on the casing that our elastic binding can be attached to. Or alternatively, you can secure your tag to the camera strap and keep them safe.

Electronic Gadgets

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Like cameras, most electronic devices (such as the Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and certain phones) have a small opening on the edge of the device where an elastic cable can be attached. This means that you can give them the protection of Lostbox Tags! #TheMoreYouKnow.



It’s one of the most common items that we all misplace. It’s said that, on average, we lose 15 minutes A DAY searching for them. That’s right, it’s your keys.

Losing them around the house is one thing, but if you lose them in public then it’s often very difficult to trace their owner. This means that most lost keys go unfound or never reunited.

Make this a thing of the past with Lostbox Tags. Simply attach the tag via the keyring to your set of keys and get instant protection.

…These are only SOME of the ways you can use your Lostbox Tags. The possibilities are endless!

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