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Stuffed Toy: Capybara/guinea pig: lost at a service station on A1, A1(m), M11

Posted on: 6th September 2017

Date Missing: 01/09/2017
Reward: £50 on return of item

We lost “Capy” on the trip back from Whitby to Sussex last Friday (1st Sept 2017). He has travelled everywhere with my son since he was a toddler, including school, and he can’t sleep without him. He looks like the photo but much more battered as has been through the wash several times. He has a hole in his bottom and has lost a lot of stuffing. He also has scratched eyes where the dog tried to eat him. We travelled southbound on A1(M), M11, A1, stopped at a couple of service stations. My son is absolutely devastated.  This is a desperate hope that this post reaches someone who may have found him!
Thank you!!!

Last known location:
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