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Russian blue 10 month male kitten

Posted on: 31st March 2018

Date Missing: 29/03/2018

Hi, my 10 month old male Russia  blue kitten escaped my front garden when we went to put the bins out on Thursday 29th March 2018 at around about 9pm. Up until now he has been an indoor cat. He was neutered and microchipped last Friday so shouldn’t be outside yet due to still having stitches in his privates(this will help us identify him). Fats has bright orange eyes and a very lanky body and long legs. We are desperate to get fats home to my 5 year old sister. She is heart broken without him. Contact me on 07714667503 if you have any info on his whereabouts. He is missing from tree estate Dartford. 

Gender: Male

They are: Microchipped| Neutered

Last known location:
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