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Lost silver bracelet at Stylist Live Olympia London Fri 10th November Tiffany heart – Reward if found

Posted on: 11th November 2017

Date Missing: 10/11/2017

I sadly lost my silver Tiffany bracelet at the StylistLive show at Olympia London.


I was getting a hand massage at the Prismologie relax station in the VIP Envy Suite at 8pm ish on Friday 10th November.


But I forgot to put it back on my wrist after taking it off for the massage, it must have fallen on the floor or wire chair whilst leaving (the staff were packing up and rushing to leave as well)

It would have been near to the Nissan selfie pool.


The silver bracelet has sentimental value so I would absolutely love it back!

To anyone who has found it, I will of course give a reward.


Just get in touch please

Last known location:
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