How to Do Your Christmas Shopping in Pound-Stores

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Christmas can be downright expensive.

The average British family splurges £800 celebrating the holiday and nearly a quarter of us feel pressured into spending more than we can afford. And things are only on the rise. (Thanks, Brexit). [Source: The Telegraph].

But, what if we told you that it is possible to do most of your Christmas shopping in the pound-stores?

Don’t believe us? Well, get ready to be amazed at the selection of bargains we found for, you guessed it, just £1.

What’s more is that many of the following* can actually be ordered from the comfort of your own home. It’s a Christmas miracle!

(*Poundland items, not Poundworld. Disclaimer: This blog post is NOT sponsored).


For her:


The things we found included bath sets that resembled some high end brands (*cough* Soap and Glory *cough*), cosy woolly socks, adorable teacups in a range of designs and the pièce de résistance: the makeup range.

We can confirm that the Poundland makeup range is excellent value for money. With nail varnishes that pass the chip test and eyeliner that stays put all day, these will definitely make for stocking fillers that won’t disappoint!

The ‘For Her’ selection can be found here.
And Poundland’s surprisingly decent makeup range can be found here.

For him:


We were pleasantly surprised by what we found in the ‘For Him’ section (albeit these could be for anyone really), which included some branded DC comic items, novelty ties and socks, record photo frames and charming Christmas mugs/glasses.

The ‘For Him’ range can be found here.


For everyone:

DVDs and CDs

Ah, a universal present. Surprisingly, the pound-stores we looked at had some decent titles in their collection. From classics to more modern stuff, it’s worth looking at.

Find them here.


For the gym freak:


Strangely, Poundland now sells items that aren’t £1. Unfortunately, these are in the said range but are still good value. Prices start at £3.

Find them here.


For kids:

Action sets + miscellaneous (in store only):

Whilst the look of some of these, admittedly, may reflect their discount price, the following would still make great stocking fillers…


Dolls, dress up + miscellaneous toys (in store only):


For Frozen Lovers:

Poundland sells Disney Frozen products including hats, tiaras, sunglasses and flip-flops. There is also a range of more premium Frozen products for more than £1.

The range can be found here.


Arts and crafts:


Unleash your child’s creative side with these. (We take no responsibility for the paint mess on the carpet and walls…).

We found some great value for money items here, including some branded items like Disney/Pixar and My Little Pony.

Check them out here.


For pets:

(In-store only at Poundworld)


Because we can’t exclude our furry family members. If you’re anything like us, we know you’ll be buying your pet a present (or two) this year. Gift wrapped and everything.

(Although, a dog will probably get through those tennis balls in about a week. If that).

View them here.


Just for fun:


We thought this gift could make a fun Christmas day activity! (Probably after a few sherries).

You can find it here.


For the home:


We found some seriously cute products in the homeware section.

Now you can trick your friends into thinking you spent waaaay much more money on them. (Just remember to remove the sticker…).

Can be found here and here.


For the baker:


There’s a big range of products here that can be gifted to the wannabe Mary Berry in your life.

Range can be found here.



For the tree:


If you’re one of the few people who doesn’t just recycle their decorations each year, (seriously, I think there’s tinsel from 1999 in my cupboard somewhere), then this is a great shout for you.

Ranging from the tacky to surprisingly classy, you’re bound to find something you like and for £1, can you really complain?

Our favourite pick are the lantern lights.

Check them out here.

Christmas crackers:


We searched other brands online and found that the average Christmas cracker price was about £10. These are only £1 each! So, get the best price on the market with this great deal.

Here’s the link to 1, 2 and 3.

Christmas homeware:


Spread seasonal Christmas cheer throughout your home this year with these bargains.

Some items look far more expensive than their £1 price tag.

Can be found here.



Christmas pudding:


What a great find, right? This one is bound to save you money.

Chocolate galore:


(Excellent stocking filler idea!)

These top brands are undoubtedly a bargain. (Especially the pack of Freddos, because I mean, let’s be serious here, that price inflation practically requires you to remortgage your house these days).

For adults, there’s also liqueur chocolates available such as Bailey’s.

Advent calendars:


An array of designs to suit every child. (And adult, we’re not judging here…).

In the groceries section of Poundworld:

(In-store only)

Yorkshire puddings and gravy:


If you don’t want the pressure and stress of home cooking those yorkies, then this one’s for you. And there’s top-branded gravy too!

Check them out here.

Finally, not from a pound-shop but worth mentioning:


You don’t have to go cold turkey to get cheap turkey.

This alternative ASDA one is only £4.50 which is a fraction of the price of a regular turkey.

(Serves 4)

Can be found here.


So, we did the research so you don’t have to. And we hope this helped. It certainly opened up our eyes, anyway!

Read our other blog post, Christmas on a Budget, for more useful money-saving tips.

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