Top 10 Things You Need to Know about #CheckandChip

National #CheckandChip Day is the 31st of March and it’s all about creating awareness amongst pet owners about the importance of microchipping your pets and keeping the contact details on the chip up to date. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 things that you need to know about #CheckandChip. … Continued

FAQs about Microchipping Your Pet

Confused about microchipping your pet? To help you understand we’ve answered a long list of frequently asked questions about microchipping. However, if you can’t find the information you want, please leave a question in the comments and we’ll try and answer it for you.   What is a microchip and what does it do? You’ve … Continued

What is #CheckandChip Day?

At Lostbox we are dedicated to everything lost and found. A high proportion of the appeals we get are about pets. Some of these animals are not microchipped or are chipped but the contact details on the microchip are not up to date, which severely reduces the chances of reuniting them with their owner.   … Continued

Thinking Outside the (Lost)Box: Get Your Missing Pet Home Using These Unusual Methods

You’ve exhausted all possibilities. You’ve tried the posters. The vets. The dog shelters. You’ve scoured the area around you – and beyond. And if one more person tells you to ‘try social media’, you’re going to have some serious words with them (and you’ll probably end up unfriending them). But hope is not lost. With nearly five … Continued

How to Keep Your Cat Safe Day-To-Day

With viral dog videos becoming the norm and regularly taking over our Facebook feeds, (seriously, did you see that Shiba Inu dog model?), sometimes, it can seem like we live in a dog-orientated world. This means that cats can often be overlooked when it comes to things like pet guides. But whether you’re a dog … Continued

How to Keep Your Pet Safe During a Heatwave

With today set to be the hottest day of the year so far in Britain, and with a predicted heatwave to come, this could mean bad news for our pets. Animals, especially dogs, often have issues coping with excessively hot temperatures. Tragically, lots of pets die each year from issues relating to this, and the … Continued