Festive Gifts for Scatterbrains Who Lose Things

Still running around looking for presents for your friends, family, co-workers? Are they sometimes a bit forgetful, need reminders and find themselves panicking as they look for their keys/wallet/phone? Use our Gifts for Scatterbrains guide to buying for the forgetful folk in your life! Although these gifts are novelty ones – and we’re being a … Continued

Lostbox: A Day with Jacqueline Gold at Ann Summers HQ!

WOW! Yes, I might have won #WOW, but Ann Summers HQ left me with the resounding response of ‘WOW!’ too! Let me explain why Lostbox found themselves in Surrey one Thursday in November at Ann Summers HQ… At the end of 2013, I entered the #WOW competition on Twitter, as explained here, but I’ll briefly … Continued