Keep Pets Safe This Bonfire Night with Lostbox

Bonfire Night is a special kind of night, when children squeal in delight and pets cower in fright. However, we want your animals to feel safe this year when the Catherine wheels and rockets are entrancing your little ones. We’re hoping to raise awareness of the importance of getting pets into a routine on Bonfire … Continued

How to Find Something You’ve Lost (or Misplaced)

1, 2, 3… breathe! So, you think you’ve lost something and you’re panicking. First of all, take a step back and let out a deep breath. The importance of finding items that are just misplaced, rather than lost, solely relies on being able to relax and think rationally about the situation, the object and the … Continued

Lostbox: Running and Managing an Online Lost and Found Community

We’re very passionate about how Lostbox has developed – with the tremendous success, constant growth and improvements that it is experiencing. But, what has it been like for us to form an online community? How it all started… Our previous blog post, ‘A Typical Day at Lostbox…’, is a superb starting place for the story of … Continued